Back to 100!

After posting the change to the 50 miler next year, your response was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the 100 miler despite the new restrictions on crew access to many of the aid stations.  Recent developments have ensured that we’ll be able to manage and improve upon last year’s event.  We will be doing away with the 100k but in it’s place adding point to point 50 mile and 50k courses.  The event date will be June 14, in order to accomodate another amazing run that we’ll be putting on in May.  Registration will open next Tuesday, September 10.

We are committed to developing and organizing quality running events with your complete satisfaction our #1 goal.  Stay tuned for our calendar of events to be released soon!

3 responses to “Back to 100!

  1. Yes! You just made my day!

  2. Great news! I’m jazzed about the 50K!

  3. Super excited that TIMMY is on board. If I don’t get in to HRH, I’m down.

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