A little behind as usual…

Thanks for joining us for a great weekend.  I won’t be around a computer other than my phone for the next couple of days as I tidy things up out on the course.  The wifi at our place in Panguitch is out so I have to go to the library and they’re only open while I’m out and about.  I’ll respond to anything requiring a computer on Wed. or Thurs.

I’m aware that the results have some things that need to be updated.  I’ve taken care of a couple of the ones I’m aware of, will you please have a look at them (http://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=17114)  and email me if you see something wrong that I need to look into?  Anyone that made it to Straight Canyon Aid station for the 2nd time can get credit for 100k, but times will not be compared to those that ran the 100k course.  Let me know if you’re interested in having the 100k on your ultrasignup resume and I’ll get you down in the 100k results later this week.  Thanks, Matt

2 responses to “A little behind as usual…

  1. Rick Whitelaw

    Huge thanks to Matt Gunn, your wonderful family, great volunteers, and all of the incredible runners, crews, and family’s I saw out there. You all made my first Ultra (100 k finisher) a memory I’ll never forget.

    • It made me so happy to see you come across that finish line, Rick! Thank you so much for delivering the Pink Cliffs aid station supplies late the night before the race and for all of your help at Zion!

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