Carpooling to start

It will work to everyone’s advantage if we can carpool as much as possible to the starting line.  Ruby’s Inn will be helping us out by driving a shuttle van on the hour all day Saturday and we will be able to keep up with the smaller number of runners needing a ride through the night on Friday using our own vehicles.  We will shuttle runners to the starting line (Coyote Hollow trailhead) first as well as to King’s Creek campground where many of you will be staying, making it possible for you to carpool from there.   Anyone that carpools from Ruby’s Inn obviously will not need a ride after the race (unless you were the driver for your carpool).   Look for people to carpool with via this post on the Facebook page and we will also try to connect runners at packet pickup.  If you do drive to the starting line, please remember to only park where instructed by a parking attendant.

We will be finishing right next to the campground at Ruby’s Inn.  If you are camping, you may want to consider staying here instead as it is now by far the most convenient campground to stay at.  The campground host has asked us to keep it quiet during the night as you come in and will be running along their RV camping area for a few hundred yards.  If we have good feedback with the race this year is opens up better opportunities for next year as far as where we can stage on their property, etc. so please be aware and try not to disturb the campers.  Follow the directional signs for our event to get to the area that we’ll be finishing on the west side of the lake.  Please do not drive through their campground unless you are staying there.

The pizza guy will be at the finish line on Friday evening for the 100k finishers and Saturday afternoon until the time cutoff. After that, he’ll head over to King’s Creek group campground and will be cooking there into the night.  Runners that finish when the pizza guy isn’t at the finish line (late at night or in the morning) will have Steve’s yummy potatoes and pancakes to fill your bellies.

The elk have been chomping on our markers in the high country and some ATV’s had a nice game of “Whack the Trail Marker With a Stick As You Drive By” but we’ve adapted and should have things patched up for you.  The elk usually just chew on it a bit and spit it out without carrying them off too far, so if you see markers on the ground from miles 30-50 that would be why.

Travel safely and see you here soon!


One response to “Carpooling to start

  1. If we camp at King’s Creek the night before the race, do we need to take down our tents before the start or can we keep them up?

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