Mr. Noob R.D. Strikes Again

Dear racers:

It has been a rough couple of days for a lot of us and I apologize for dragging you all through this.

It is a challenge to calculate total distance and total elevation gain accurately for a 100 mile race. I wish it were as easy as strapping on a watch and running the trail. I have received a lot of feedback regarding my previous announcement that the course now approaches 26,000 feet of elevation gain. I am not an expert with maps or with using GPS data, and I made the best approximation that I could.

I have gone back and consulted with a couple of experts in this area, and they have both independently reached the conclusion that the total elevation gain on the course is about 18,500 feet. They use computers and sophisticated mapping software to make these conclusions, and I don’t pretend to understand it. But I can tell you that I have high confidence in the results, as both of them are experienced ultrarunners and have been involved in the mapping of race courses for years.

The course changes will remain in effect.  While King’s Creek would be a more comfortable staging area, the ability to communicate during the event is far more important.

I’m sorry for any concerns that I may have raised.  I can’t wait for your feet to get on this trail in a couple of weeks.


7 responses to “Mr. Noob R.D. Strikes Again

  1. I am totally stoked either way! Remind me of that at about mile 75 when I am whining, whimpering, and basically asking my pacer to give me a piggy back ride . . .

  2. I am with Jeff…either way it is about the journey!!! Totally jacked up ready to go!!!

  3. But half of the course is downhill and if I average 3 mph I will have time to spare. How hard can it be?

  4. I think your race is going to be superb! Thank you for all of your hard work to make this possible.

  5. Joshua Bryant

    I’m excited, I just want to get down there and enjoy the views. besides that elevation doesn’t matter at all. By mile 75 a 100 foot hill is almost a mountain.

  6. Really excited about pacing my runner and if need be allowing Piggy Back rides!!

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