The hotel manager from Ruby’s Inn just let me know that another group has cancelled, freeing up 15 more rooms for our group. Our block has been full for a while now, so if you’re thinking about staying at Ruby’s you’ll want to jump on this.  Call this number to book and let them know that you’re with the Bryce 100 Trail Run block: (435) 834-5341 (The group code is 93G if you book online.)

Once Ruby’s is full, the next best option is Bryce Canyon Pines .  They only have 4 rooms available for the 30th-June 2nd, but if you’re staying Thursday night, checking out, and then staying again Saturday night they have more rooms available.  The Pines is actually the closest hotel to start/finish line, and they are famous for the soup and pie served at their restaurant.  Their rates start at $110 per night.

The next closest hotel is Harold’s Place.  They have plenty of rooms (over 20) and cabins (14) available at $75 per night.  Not sure how to put it nicely-  You get what you pay for and you’ll have a roof over your head.
Not far from Harold’s Place is a new hotel called the Bryce Canyon Western Resort. It’s a step up from Harold’s Place, but there are not any rooms available on Friday night.  If you don’t have a crew and only need a room for Thurs. and Saturday, they have 14 rooms available each of those nights.  They charge $80 per night.
Panguitch, Hatch, Tropic, and Cannonville all have old roadside hotels with rooms available, and are not far from the starting line (all within 30 min.)
Like I’ve mentioned on the website, there is plenty of free camping near the start/finish line and you can come visit us for restroom facilities and hot showers whenever you’d like.  I’ll be set up all week leading up to the event. There are also 37 campsites at the campground with a walking trail connecting them to our group site.  These are available on a first come first serve basis for $12 each.

I made the first trip out to the course for some recon now that the snowpack is dwindling and things are looking on target.  The snow has melted to the point that we could run now if we had to with just a few deep patches to negotiate (although crew access would be limited).  Things should be all clear within a couple of weeks.  There’s a bit of downfall to clear, which I’ll be working on the next few weekends.  If anyone needs some trail service hours signed off for another race or would like to preview some of the course, feel free to join me any weekend between now and race day.
Happy trails,

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