Course Map and Description Update

Make sure to check out the new map of the course along with a detailed trail description with photos!


5 responses to “Course Map and Description Update

  1. Hi,
    1. Do we have to enter Bryce Canyon National Park during the race?, i.e. do we have to get Park Entrance Pass?
    2. What are the cutoff time at aid stations?

    • The race is run outside of the national park boundaries, so no pass is needed. (Though it would be a shame not to go see it while you’re here!)

      I’ll get aid station cutoffs posted by tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Why not post an additional map that shows the roads? The directions to five of the eight aid stations help, but what about the other three? And, even with descriptions, a map showing roads would still be helpful.

    • It’s a work in progress, first 5 aid stations are done, next 3 will be finished in the middle of the night sometime in the near future. I have been looking for an online version that has the road/trails labeled by number as they appear on the maps that will be handed out in each runner’s pre-race packet. Just emailed the forest service about it, thanks for the reminder.

      The aid stations will be very easy to find for crew since all the roads/trails on the plateau are well labeled at each junction by road number which corresponds with the easy to read map. Hoping to find a digital copy that matches up.

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