Separate registration for 100 mile and 100k events

Registration for the 100k and 100 mile events has now been separated.  Any 100 mile runners that withdraw after their second time through Robinson aid station (mile 63)  will receive an official 100k time instead of a DNF, but will not be eligible for the overall 100k awards.

The 100 mile race begins at 6am sharp.  The 100k race starts at 6:30am.

Click here to register.


2 responses to “Separate registration for 100 mile and 100k events

  1. Do you have any idea of numbers of people yet that will be running the 100K? Having not run that distance yet and being pretty nervous about the unknown my biggest fear is being out there running alone in the woods and getting lost. I just am curious if I will possibly see other people out on the trail if I am a somewhat slower runner?

    • Sorry about the delayed response, Susette! I was out of town and replied on my phone but apparently it didn’t go through. You can follow the current registration numbers on at any time- Not too many so far. With it being an out and back course, it should be a good fit for you because even if you’re at the back of the back, you’ll always be seeing people coming the opposite direction, at least until the turnaround point and from then on you’ll be in familiar territory.

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