Updated Map

Here’s a look at the updated version of the map.  We’ve made the decision to go with an out and back course which highlights the most scenic parts of the plateau and keeps all of the running in the cooler, higher elevations.  The lower elevation sections of the single loop course had some pretty rutty, rocky, rooty, and overgrown sections that were not pleasant to run on, and much of it was just “connecting the loop” trail that wasn’t extremely scenic.  The new course will be easier to manage from a logistical standpoint, which will enable us to put on a better quality event.  Total elevation gain is now over 14,000ft.

The turnaround for the 100k is at the Straight Canyon aid station.

Click here to view the 2013 Course Map

This course will not disappoint.  The scenery is absolutely unique and unparalleled.


5 responses to “Updated Map

  1. Okay, I have to try again. Notice how the Skunk Creek aid station is at 15.6 miles? That would make a perfect turnaround for a 50K. More folks, very little more hassle.

    • Haha, those ultrarunners don’t give up easily! One problem is it’s a Friday start for the 100 so if we started a 50k on Saturday morning, the 100 milers coming back the opposite direction would get bottlenecked in a couple of spots with all of the 50k folks heading out, which would compromise the experience of that race. I tried putting on a 50 mile run in conjunction with a 100 miler in progress at Zion last year and it became such a distraction and took so much of my attention (mid race) that the integrity of both events was compromised. Besides, after Skunk Creek is where the course really starts to get scenic- you’d be missing all of the good stuff in a 50k! Plans are in the making to put on a 50k in 2014 as a separate, lead up event to the 100.

  2. The link doesn’t work. Is it the link or just me (or the work computer I’m at)?

  3. still not working. will do, thanks.

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